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As an advocate of mental health, Natasha Bianca hopes to inspire and empower others to focus and chase their dreams through music. She believes, “Life wouldn’t be half what it is without music.”

In order to help with her speech problems, Natasha’s vocal journey started merely at the age of six when her parents enrolled her in voice lessons. The singing lessons not only helped treat Natasha’s speech and language impairment but also led her to discover her true passion for music and singing, which led her to release her debut single “Girl Like Me” in September of 2021. The track received over 10,000 Spotify streams within the first month of release.

Recently releasing her brand new single “Missing You,” Natasha delves deep into the pain of losing someone you love knowing you can’t get them back. The track deals with the expression of denial and the hardship one must go through in order to finally move on.

We recently had a chat with the talented Natasha Bianca in order to know more about her music journey!

Hi there, Natasha. Thank you for joining us on Unclear! How are you doing amidst everything going on currently?

Natasha: “Thank you so much for having me! I’m doing well. Trying to stay positive and making the most of the opportunities I can achieve now while I can.”

Before delving into your music journey, I’d like to ask you what it was that brought you closer to the field of music in the first place?

Natasha: “I truly believe I was born with music in me. I had my first singing lesson when I was six, so I was introduced to music from a young age, but my mum would always say I was singing before I could even talk. I always knew I had to do music and I’ve been chasing my dream ever since.”

Let’s talk about your recent single “Missing You.” Huge congratulations on the project! Where did you garner the inspiration for this track?

Natasha: “Thank you so much! ‘Missing You’ was inspired by the loss of a loved one. I wrote this shortly after they passed away and it’s almost a tribute to them, but I wanted to write this song so anyone can relate to it.”

Did you face any challenges while creating this project? I know the track has just been released, but are you enjoying the responses you have been receiving so far?

Natasha: “The main challenge I’ve faced when creating this project was dodging Covid restrictions and border closures. I flew to Sydney to work with my producer and co-writer on this song, so I was lucky I didn’t get stuck interstate. We then filmed the music video back in Adelaide around October 2021 whilst borders were shut so we were lucky we didn’t have any cases spreading.

However, we did have to reschedule the shooting date as the original film date had forecasted rains, so we had to reschedule and re-book everyone to film another date where rain wasn’t expected. We’re always going to run into some minor hurdles, but after all the dramas we did encounter, I am so happy with the current response and feedback from this project so it was all worth it!”

Where do you garner your major music influences from? If given an opportunity, who would you absolutely love to collaborate with in the future?

Natasha: “I have so many musical influences it’s so hard to name them all, but to list a few I admire and study: Beyoncé, Doja Cat, Tinashe, Teyana Taylor, etc. All of the pop/R&B queens! I’d love to collaborate with all of my idols, but I’d also love to collaborate with incredible songwriters and producers such as Nija, Troy Taylor, Ester Dean, Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, and so many more.”

When it comes to songwriting and the creation of music, do you prefer a specific setting to work in, or does any environment work for you to get your creative juices flowing?

Natasha: “To be honest, my songwriting and creativity will come to me any time of the day, so I don’t need to be in a specific setting as I can be in the shower or in the supermarket and I’ll come up with an idea to quickly write down or record before I lose it.

However, when it comes to recording in the studio I definitely vibe better to colored lighting as it just sparks more imagination. I will say though when I am in a healthy mindset, the creative juices flow a lot better compared to when I’m not feeling the best. So always working on mental health to be able to achieve the best results.”

What are the top 3 things on your bucket list regarding the year 2022?

Natasha: “I have so many ambitions for this year, but if I was to pick three things, I’d pick: having my own headline show, opening for a big R&B act in Australia, getting played on Triple J.”

What’s next for you, Natasha? Any upcoming projects you’d like to tell your fans about?

Natasha: “I’ve got a lot of projects on the go! My next single will be out sooner than you think.”

Lastly, is there any message that you’d like to convey to your fans reading this interview?

Natasha: “To always trust yourself, your ideas and to stick to your vision. Not everyone will agree with you and that’s perfectly okay. Do what feeds your soul and makes you happy. You’re not here to please anyone else but yourself.”

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