Natasha Bianca: “Girl Like Me”

Natasha Bianca is a devoted and passionate Pop/RnB singer and songwriter from Adelaide, Australia. Her vocal journey started at the age of six, when her parents enrolled her in voice lessons to help with her speech problems. The singing lessons not only helped treat Natasha’s speech and language impairment but also led her to discover her love for music and singing.

At the age of eight, this Young Girl with the Big Voice who dreamed to be the next Whitney Houston started aiming higher, tackling some of the most challenging tunes from the world’s best vocal powerhouses like Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Toni Braxton.

Natasha went to different music academies and joined multiple singing competitions including X-Factor and Young Talent Time, but despite not making it to grand finals or winning, she never gave up. After high school, she focused on finding her own musical path and started writing her own songs, drawing inspiration from her feelings and life experiences.

Natasha is now making her mark in Adelaide’s vibrant music scene. She performs in Adelaide’s top local bars and restaurants, charming audiences with her soothing and silky vocals. She is currently working with some of the best writers/producers from Sydney and Los Angeles to release her original music and has just finished filming her debut single, Girl Like Me.

As an advocate of mental health, she hopes to inspire and empower others to focus and chase their dreams through music. She believes “life wouldn’t be half what it is without music.”

Her new single “Girl Like Me” is about “When a relationship goes south, your first reaction is to ques)on, “why?” What happened? Where did it go wrong? Why is this happening to me? Girl Like Me is that song that speaks about all the “whys”. It’s about self-reflection and looking back on the relationship that was broken and analyzing where it went wrong.”

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