Natasha Bianca delivers a silky smooth dose of R&B in ‘Girl Like Me’

Written By Gabriel Mazza

Championing emerging talents, we are pleased to introduce the freshest Australian pop newcomer: Natasha Bianca. Hailing from Adelaide, Bianca delivers a silky smooth dose of R&B thanks to her debut single ‘Girl Like Me’, an upbeat banger that we are sure will be a constant presence of the most edgy and modern Spotify playlist. 

Her love for music is a true vocation: after learning to sing as a child for therapeutic reasons, she fell in love with Whitney Huston, giving her the ultimate motivation to pursue a career in music. Today, the Australian artist is always networking with the industry between Sydney and Los Angeles, writing and gearing up for a successful career. 

Featuring a modern R&B production, marked by bouncy beats and deep bass, ‘Girl Like Me’ manages to impress us, especially in regards to the songwriting. Once the chorus kicks in, it’s a triumph of sassy and confident vibes, with a hint of Ariana Grande. About the lyrical theme, Natasha Bianca explains: “When a relationship goes south, your first reaction is to question ‘Why? What happened? Where did it go wrong? Why is this happening to me?’ ‘Girl Like Me’ speaks about all the questions. It’s about self-reflection and looking back to a relationship that was broken and analyzing where it went wrong”.

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