Natasha Bianca can’t believe you’d do this to a ‘Girl Like Me’

Singer, Songwriter Natasha Bianca releases her debut single and video for ‘Girl Like Me’.

The Pop-R&B songstress from Australia starts seeing the signs that she’s being played, but she can’t figure out why its happening to her, she’s a good girl – but she’s no fool.  The visual shows the falling out of a relationship as Natasha reluctantly moves on and goes through the process of getting over a lost love.

Natasha has been mastering her voice since the young age of six when her parents put her into vocal lessons that immediately had her falling in love with singing.  She started to challenge herself more and went onto study at different Academies, even auditioning for Young Talent Time and X-Factor.

The song is her first official debut track, and credits co-writer Eric McKellar, Producer Gwapmane and film director Haris Street for the Team effort.  The song is a personal experience that Natasha went through which had her feeling mistreated and betrayed and was in search of understanding why this was happening.

An impressive debut from this artist out of Adelaide – Check out the official debut release right here from Natasha!

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