NATASHA BIANCA releases elegant new single ‘BODYWORK’


Natasha Bianca is a devoted and passionate Pop/RnB singer and songwriter from Adelaide, Australia. Her vocal journey started at the age of six, when her parents enrolled her in voice lessons to help with her speech problems.

The singing lessons not only helped treat Natasha’s speech and language impairment, but also led her to discover her love for music and singing. Due to her drastic speech improvement as a result of these voice lessons, she found she no longer needed to see a speech pathologist.


Today, Natasha is making her mark in Australia’s vibrant music scene. She loves collaborating with fellow musicians and is currently working with some of the best writers and producers from Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, California. Since September 2021 Natasha Bianca has released her first 2 singles ‘Girl Like Me’ and ‘Missing You’ which both gained an impressive amount of traction amongst multiple platforms including Spotify Editorial, Triple J and notable national and international press outlets.

Natasha was also nominated in WAEVZ Top 50 songs of 2021, and placed 8th on the countdown, against some of the biggest acts in Australia. Natasha has since played 2 huge live shows at one of Adelaides leading venues ‘UniBar’. She was also nominated as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriters Competition for one of her unreleased singles that will soon be released later in 2022. Natasha Bianca is on trajectory to become a staple in the Australian RnB scene. The Top 10 placement in the Waevs Top 50 countdown just so solidifies that.

Natasha says she had to be lost in order to find herself, her voice, and her confidence.

She battled with low self-esteem and anxiety as she searched for her identity, passion, and purpose. As an advocate of mental health, she hopes to inspire and empower others to focus and chase their dreams through music. She believes “life wouldn’t be half what it is without music”.



The female body was designed as a source of pleasure, fertility, movement, strength and wellbeing. Bodywork is the ultimate 90’s RnB inspired, love making single with a sexy but elegant modern 2022 touch, empowering female sexuality. Bodywork speaks about feeling confident and sexy in our own skin between the sheets and embracing the female body instead of shaming. Our functional bodies supports us every day therefore we should not body shame when instead we need to feel proud of how our body’s work.


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