Adelaide artist Natasha Bianca debuts with sensitive track ‘Girl Like Me’

Natasha Bianca has debuted with the sensual and honest ‘Girl Like Me’, a track which the Adelaide-based artist uses to explore the impact of a one-sided relationship that emboldened her with significant learnings.

Natasha Bianca has given listeners a taste of the incredible music that is on the way through her debut ‘Girl Like Me’, a track which balances expressions of frustration and self-assurance in the face of a relationship which simply isn’t worth rekindling. The song’s intro wonderfully entrances the listener through the use of subtle ephemeral backing vocals, echoey instrumentation, gentle keys and Bianca’s sublime harmonisations. From there, the track builds alongside Bianca’s raw lyrics that paint a picture of a significant other trying to rekindle the relationship they ruined in the first place. Significantly however, Bianca attests to learning from the signs and being no longer confined to this person’s mind games and manipulations.

From there, Bianca admits to feeling confounded at the audacity of this significant other who continues to play their games and then expects to return and to replicate the same moves that got them called out in the first place. The production from GWAPMANE lands perfectly, laying an expertly-crafted platform of booming instrumentals and frenetic trap drums that build in the chorus where Bianca surmises the crux of the track by stating: “It’s gonna be your loss not mine”. ‘Girl Like Me’ thrives as an especially forthright and freeing reflection of Bianca’s own growth in spite of the obstacle posed by the failures of someone else who meant so much. It is also a stellar track that deserves your immediate attention.

Produced by Quinn and GWAPMANE – Photos by Haris Street (@haris.street) – Words by Matthew Badrov – Graphic Design Adelaide by Cam Gomersall

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