Natasha Bianca, a devoted and passionate young singer/songwriter based in the city of Adelaide, Australia.

Natasha’s vocal journey arose from a young age where she struggled with a speech problem. Her love for music and singing developed at the age of six where she began her first vocal lesson. After continuous lessons revising vocal technique, Natasha’s speech had drastically improved resulting her not having to see a speech pathologist.

By the age of eight Natasha Bianca was tackling some of the biggest tunes from her idols such as Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton and many more.

She was known to be the Young Girl with the Big Voice. Her love and dedication for music continued to enlarge where she only dreamt to be the next “Whitney Houston.”

In recent years, the young Pop/RnB vocalist has flourished all around Adelaide’s most vibrant music scenes, performing in Adelaide’s top and local bars and restaurants, alluring audiences with her soothing and captivating vocals.

Natasha Bianca now is focusing on releasing her own music within the upcoming months, working alongside some of Australia’s best RnB producers.

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